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Gas leak detectors, analyzers, alarm devices and calibration gas
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  • provides a wide range of industrial gas detection systems including toxic, oxygen and combustibles, truly "state of the art" devices offering unparalleled features and capabilities along with Hazardous Area, Explosion Proof, UL, Atex and CSA certifications at a reasonable price. We also offer gas detection solutions with PLC & SCADA.

  • Our Broad spectrum of skills, experience and hands-on approach ensures the success of Your project
  • We provide specialized products, services or turnkey projects, to suit your needs in
    • Fixed gas detectors.
    • Portable gas detectors.
    • Multi-Point gas controllers.
    • Calibration Gases.
    • Alarm Signal Devices.
    • Installation and commissioning.
    • PLC-based gas detection solutions.
    • Data acquisition and SCADA.

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GDS  GDS-78XP0-37-028-05/0-0-0-0


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GDS GDS-78XP0-37-028-05/0-0-0-0
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GDS GDS-78XP Process Gas Monitor with Local stainless steel sensor head configured for Nitric Oxide (NO) with range 0-50 ppm for Hazardous Area Application (Class 1 Div 1). With DC powered monitor with 4-20mA plus 3x alarm relays and MODBUS interface. Available with NEMA 4x SS and Non-metallic enclosures. (For gas streams with more than 20% Oxygen)

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Sample Conditioning
(1) Sample Conditioning for GDS GDS78-XP
Output Options
(2) Output Options for GDS GDS-78XP
Enclosure Options
(3) Enclosure Options for GDS GDS78-XP
Enclosure Heater
(4) Enclosure Heater for GDS GDS-78XP
Warning Switch
(5) Warning Switch for GDS GDS-78XP
SS Enclosure
(6) Stainless Steel Enclosure for GDS GDS-78XP

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GDS-78XP Process Gas Monitor

The GDS-78XP Process Gas Monitor is designed to provide monitoring for gas sample streams compatible with standard electrochemical, infrared or photoionization sensors. For gases that require electrochemical sensors, the stream must contain at least 20% oxygen. If the target gas can be detected by an infrared or photoionization detector, then the gas stream is not required to contain oxygen. The GDS-78XP combines the industry-proven reliability and performance of GDS Corp GASMAX gas monitors with high quality sample conditioning and flow measurement components to deliver cost-effective solutions for process monitoring applications.

GASMAX Gas Monitor

The heart of the GDS-78XP is a GASMAX gas monitor configured for sample flow monitoring. The popular GASMAX family includes monitors that are loop-powered, DC-powered or wireless 900Mhz or 2.4 Ghz. Wireless units can be battery powered when used with toxic gas sensors, or DC powered for use with infrared, catalytic bead or PID sensors.

A magnetic switch menu-driven operator interface eliminates all analog potentiometers and allows setup and calibration without hazardous area declassification. When used with DC- powered systems, electrochemical sensors include temperature compensation and local heater for increased accuracy in low temperature applications.

Flexible Sample Conditioning

The GDS-78XP includes a high quality stainless steel sample conditioning system, which includes a stainless steel inlet valve and high quality glass flowmeter. For high or variable pressure applications the GDS-78XP can be configured to include an adjustable regulator and stainless steel coalescing filter or combination coalescing and membrane filter with sample bypass loop. Inlet pressure can vary between 1.0 psig and 3000 psig, depending on sample conditioning option selected.

Designed for XP Environments

GASMAX monitors are certified for use in Class I Div 1, Groups B, C & D areas when monitoring non-reactive gases. When measuring reactive gases such as chlorine or chlorine dioxide, a loop-powered GASMAX / EC must be specified and used with an intrinsically safe barrier for XP applications.

The GDS-78XP is available with optional NEMA 4x non-metallic and stainless steel enclosures.


  • Designed for installation in Class I, Div 1 Hazardous Locations
  • Reliable electrochemical sensor technology for toxic gases
  • Long life infrared sensors for carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons
  • Stainless steel coalescing filter removes particulate and moisture
  • Built-in flow meter provides visual confirmation of sample flow rate
  • Industry-proven GASMAX family monitor with large LCD display
  • Auto-recognition of infrared, VOC and toxic gas Smart Sensors
  • Prompted calibration procedure and cal port for easy maintenance
  • Optional 3x 5A SPDT alarm relays and MODBUS slave interface
  • Optional explosion proof flow switch for critical applications
  • Available with NEMA 4x stainless steel and non-metallic enclosures
  • Loop-powered Intrinsically Safe option for reactive gases
  • Calibration in hazardous area only requires simple magnetic wand
  • Manufactured in USA

Power Input: Loop-powered GM/EC: less than 0.75W
DC-powered GMII or GMIIx: 10 to 30VDC, 10 watts Max
Display 64 x 128 pixel LCD with backlight (GMII only)
Sample Inlet Pressure Option #1: Minimum 1.0 psig, maximum 50 psig. Max pressure change 10% from nominal value.
Option #2-3: Minimum 10 psig, maximum 3000 psig.
Sample Conditioning Option #1: Pyrex glass particulate filter.
Option #2: Stainless steel coalescing regulator
Option #3: Combination coalescing & membrane filter plus regulator
Sample Inlet Temp +5C (+41F) to +50C (+122F)
Flow Switch Optional explosion proof flow switch configured for flying leads.
Signal Output Loop: 2-wire 4-20mA current sink. Max R is 600 ohms with 24VDC.
DC: 3-wire 4-20mA current source. Max R is 750 ohms with 24VDC
Wireless: Point to point wireless compatible with GDS Corp controllers
Optional Output Isolated 4-20mA current loop or three Form C Relays 5A @ 30VDC / 240VAC plus RS-485 2-wire MODBUS slave interface.
Operating Temp -25C (-13F) to +60C (+140F)
Construction GASMAX AL housing with epoxy paint standard; #316 stainless steel optional. All stainless steel tubing and fittings. Painted steel backplate.
Dimensions (Plate) 17w x 21 h x 6 d
6.8 kg / 15 pounds with simple filter
Dimensions (Enc) 20 w x 24 h x 8 d
Non-metallic or stainless steel enclosure
Inlet / Outlet 1/4 compression, stainless steel
Approvals GASMAX CSA Certified for Class I, Div 1, Grps B, C, D. Suitable for XP installations with stainless steel flame arrestor.
Warranty Electronics - 2 years from date of purchase.
Important: Electrochemical toxic gas sensors must be powered within three months of shipment or sensor life may be adversely affected.

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