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Gas leak detectors, analyzers, alarm devices and calibration gas
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  • provides a wide range of industrial gas detection systems including toxic, oxygen and combustibles, truly "state of the art" devices offering unparalleled features and capabilities along with Hazardous Area, Explosion Proof, UL, Atex and CSA certifications at a reasonable price. We also offer gas detection solutions with PLC & SCADA.

  • Our Broad spectrum of skills, experience and hands-on approach ensures the success of Your project
  • We provide specialized products, services or turnkey projects, to suit your needs in
    • Fixed gas detectors.
    • Portable gas detectors.
    • Multi-Point gas controllers.
    • Calibration Gases.
    • Alarm Signal Devices.
    • Installation and commissioning.
    • PLC-based gas detection solutions.
    • Data acquisition and SCADA.

Houston, TX USA

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RAE  G02-B000-000


$1,888.60     Availability: 2 Weeks
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RAE G02-B000-000
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ToxiRAE Pro PID PGM-1800 Personal portable Monitor For Volatile Organic Compounds (Detects over 300 VOCs) with replaceable sensors, fan, filter and battery. Automatic bumb testing and calibration with AutoRAE 2 (optional). Includes Datalogging, Rechargeable Li-ion battery, Graphical LCD display, 2 buttons for operation and programming. CSA, ATEX, IECEx and China Ex Approved. Wireless-capable option.

Part# with Options:        G02-B000-000
Price with Options:        1,888.60


(1) Range for ToxiRAE Pro PID
(2) Wireless Option for ToxiRAE Pro PID/LEL
Wireless Host License
(3) S01-1000-000 ProRAE Guardian License - Tier 1 (ToxiRAE Pro Instruments)

  Availability 2 Weeks  ]

The ToxiRAE Pro PID is the world’s smallest volatile organic compound (VOC) monitor. Featuring RAE Systems’ next-generation PID sensor, the ToxiRAE Pro PID can quickly detect and accurately monitor over 300 VOCs. The ToxiRAE Pro PID provides safety professionals wireless remote access to real-time instrument readings and alarm status for better visibility and faster incident response 1 . With an onboard library of 190 correction factors, the ToxiRAE Pro PID can be programmed to automatically read in equivalent units of the specified compound.

  • Wireless elevates safety to the next level
  • Available in Industrial Hygiene (advanced) or Safety (basic) configurations
  • Man Down Alarm with real-time remote wirelessnotification
  • Easy to maintain with replaceable sensor, fan, filter, and battery
  • Fully automatic bump testing and calibration with AutoRAE 22

Key Features
  • Wireless access to real-time instrument readings and alarm status from any location
  • Unmistakable five-way local and remote wireless notification of alarm conditions
  • Largest display in its class
  • Continuous datalogging
  • On-board correction factor library for 190 compounds
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable, rugged, and intrinsically safe
  • Chemical plants
  • Government health, safety, security, and environmental agencies
  • Hazardous materials teams, first responders
  • Oil and gas
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Environmental consulting
  • Soil remediation
ToxiRAE Pro PID Comes With:
  • ToxiRAE Pro PID monitor with sensor as specified, alligator clip, protective rubber boot, and rechargeable battery installed
  • Charging and PC communication cradle
  • PC communication cable
  • AC adapter (100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz AC to 12 V DC)
  • Calibration adapter
  • Combined instrument/sensor cap removal tool
  • Quick Start Guide
  • CD with documentation
  • ProRAE Studio II software for PC-based instrument configuration and data management
  • Technical Note TN-106 with ionization energies and correction factors for 300+ VOCs 3
  • Calibration card; quality certificate; and warranty/ registration card

Size 4.6" H x 2.4" W x 1.2" D (118 x 60 x 30 mm)
Weight 8.29 oz. (235 g.)
Sensor Photoionization sensor with 10.6 eV (standard) or 9.8 eV 2,3 (optional) lamp. Response time (T 90 ) < 15 sec. (Isobutene). Field-replaceable sensor. Easy access to lamp for cleaning
Detectable Gases A wide variety of ionizable chemicals using 190 built-in and over 300 published correction factors
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion battery
- Operating time: > 12 hours (normal operation, non-wireless)
- Recharge time: < 4 hours through charging cradle
Display Graphical LCD display with white LED backlighting (activated when monitor is in alarm or with a button press)
Display Readout - Real-time reading of VOC concentrations in parts per million or mg/m 3 ; battery status; data logging on/off; wireless on/off and reception quality
- STEL, TWA, and peak values
Keypad 2 buttons for operation and programming
Sampling Internal fan
Calibration Automatic with AutoRAE 2 Test and Calibration System 2 or manual
Alarm Modes -Wireless remote alarm notification 1 ; audible (95 dB @ 30 cm), vibration, visible alarm (flashing bright red LEDs), and on-screen indication of alarm conditions
- Man Down Alarm with pre-alarm and real-time remote wireless notification
Datalogging - Continuous datalogging 3 with a three-month capacity (at one-minute intervals)
- User-configurable datalogging interval (from 1 to 3,600 seconds)
Communication and Data Download - Data download and instrument set-up on PC via charging and PC comm. cradle
- Data download via AutoRAE 2 Automatic Test and Calibration System
- Wireless data and status transmission 1 via built-in RF modem (optional)
Wireless Network ProRAE Guardian Real-Time Wireless Safety System or Closed-Loop Network with the EchoView Host
Wireless Frequency ISM license-free bands
Wireless Range (Typical) ToxiRAE Pro PID to Mesh Router, EchoView Host, or Mesh Reader 2 ~ 330 feet (100 meters)
ToxiRAE Pro PID to RAELink3 Mesh or RAELink3 Z1 Mesh modems ~ 33 feet (10 meters)
Operating Temperature -4° to 131°F (-20° to 55°C)
Humidity 0% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Hazardous Location Approvals CSA: Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C and D. T-code T4 / Class I, Zone 0 A/Exia IIC T4
ATEX: II 1G, Ex ia IIC Ga T4
IECEx: Ex ia IIC Ga T4
China Ex: Ex ia IIC T4
CE Compliance (European Conformity) EMC directive: 2004/108/EC. R&TTE directive: 1999/5/EC. ATEX directive: 94/9/EC
Warranty - Two years on non-consumable components
- One year on sensor, fan, battery, and other consumable parts

    C03-0912-000 ToxiRAE PID sensor (0.1 - 2,000 ppm; 0.1 ppm res.; 10.6 eV lamp) for ToxiRAE Pro PID (Industrial Hygiene) only...

    C03-0912-003 MultiRAE PID LR sensor (1 - 1,000 ppm; 1 ppm res.; 10.6 eV lamp) for MultiRAE PID (Safety) only. Compatible with MultiRAE Lite Pumped ..

    C03-0912-010 ToxiRAE PID sensor (0.1 - 2,000 ppm; 0.1 ppm res.; 9.8 eV lamp) for ToxiRAE Pro PID (Industrial Hygiene) only ..

    029-0695-000 RAE Systems RAELink3 Mesh Modem Kit, portable Wireless Modem with GPS. RAELink3 Mesh enables RAE Systems personal gas and radiation detectors, and select 3rd party monitors to communicate wirelessly with ProRAE Guardian safety monitoring software in real ..

    029-0505-000 RAE Systems RAELink3 Kit Host Computer (PC) Controller Module. RAELink3 Mesh enables RAE Systems personal gas and radiation detectors, and select 3rd party monitors to communicate wirelessly with ProRAE Guardian safety monitoring software in real time. Li..

    S01-A120-000 RAE Systems ProRAE Guardian Software CD ..

    S01-1000-000 RAE Systems ProRAE host computer (PC) Guardian License - Tier 1 (ToxiRAE Pro Family, QRAE 3) ..

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